Small Strokes

Kavya Jain


+91 8595181148



Model Town

New Delhi -110009 


Date of Birth:

January 20th, 1997

Engineer || Designer

My Story 

HI, I am KAVYA. Since I was a child I have been keen on learning new things. I guess most of this is because of my mother, who pushes me to be better. She would collect comics for me, paste them on a wooden board and make me draw the characters. As I grew up, summer vacations were always a special time. I made my own aquarium. I learnt to swim , draw and have fun with science. I remember making my first mixer using a bey-blade  and my first car using bottle caps, thermocol and cardboard. Later during my senior secondary, I came across clay modeling and sculpturing. It is the satisfaction of creating, drove me to be an engineer.

In 2019, I earned my bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from Jain University - International Institute for Aerospace Engineering & Management. During the course I faced a lot of challenges which taught me to think outside the box. Engineering was a life changing experience. It taught me how design is an essential part of everything around us. I was also a part of our college basketball team. I worked on the organizing committees for various college events and joined Quasars our college aerospace society.


After graduating I took time off to prepare for my masters and to help my mother with her business. I took this time to work on myself, improve my skill set and learn new things. I worked closely with my mother to understand the business ecosystem and gave my input on the same.

Currently I am studying at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal. I am pursuing my Master in Design. My journey till now has been full of new experiences and challenges and I really hope it continues the same way.