Ceiling Fan

Analyses of material performance requirements

Functional Requirement

What it needs to do

  • Ceiling fans are more than just a basic amenity for residential applications. Increasingly, ceiling fans are found in applications varying from industrial and warehouse applications to offices and high-end hospitality settings, and everything in between.

  • The extensive use of ceiling fans in residential applications indicates their effectiveness in supporting thermal comfort, and occupant demand for controllable air movement.

  • The key benefits of ceiling fans are as follows:

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Improved Air Distribution

  • Improved Perceived Air Quality

  • Energy Savings


How much does it cost

  • Like many building products, ceiling fan costs can vary widely depending on size, material, motor type, and other characteristics.

  • Standard ceiling fans can range from less than Rs 4000 for basic off-the-shelf models to over Rs 1 lakh for more specialized fans with more decorative features, higher quality materials, and/or automated onboard control systems.

  • In general, fans with DC motors tend to be more expensive than fans with AC motors.

  • Large-diameter ceiling fans start at approximately Rs 1.5 lakhs and increase in cost with fan diameter and performance characteristics.

  • Installation costs can vary widely depending on the fan.

  • Approximately, it can take a professional anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to assemble and install a single ceiling fan depending on the selected model and site conditions.

  • The time required to install a ceiling fan is simply the labor cost to assemble the ceiling fan and connect it to an existing junction box.

  • On the other hand, a variety of factors can make ceiling fan installations more complicated, and therefore more expensive.

Resistance to service conditions

How much does it cost

  • In addition to extending life expectancy, maintaining a ceiling fan can help to avoid potential safety hazards as a result of faulty fans.

  • Ceiling fans are made to work for years and don’t require regular maintenance.